Exciting Sex

Best Sex Positions for optimal sexual Pleasure

Since ancient times, a variety of sexual explorations has led to ancient sex manuals like that of the Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra suggests different positions in where both male and female can achieve the most intense orgasms through a better contact between both partners� sexual organs. There are two ways to activate the female volcano, in other words, to achieve the female orgasm. The easier and faster one is through the stimulation of the clitoris while the other is through the stimulation of the g-spot. It is harder to have penile contact with the woman�s g-spot than the clitoris and an excellent sexual position is very helpful. In any case, these Kama Sutra Positions are excellent to set a woman off:
1. The Deep One � is a very exciting sex position because mouth to mouth kissing is inhibited by distance. The man faces the woman in a kneeling position and the woman�s hips are slightly raised and bent (the knees having contact with the chest). This position, though hard to get comfortable at first, is described in the Kama Sutra as having �total penetration�.
2. The Arc � In this face-to-face position, the woman raises her hips (or the man raises her hips and supports it) and is penetrated from the front. The man penetrates deeply while in a kneeling position with his back bending towards the woman.
3. The Screw � is a little similar to the deep one but the woman lies at the edge of the bed where the man kneels facing her. To achieve both clitoral and g-spot contact, the woman twists her hips and legs slightly to the side and the man�s penis enters from the front and under
4. The Surprise � is a variation of anal penetration where both partners assume a standing position with the woman bending from the waist.
5. The Wheelbarrow � a variation of anal penetration where the woman lies prostrate while the man standing, raises her hips slightly by holding her legs like a wheelbarrow�s handlebars.
All four enable better contact with the g-spot and clitoris. Surveys indicate that men like to see their partner�s faces (probably the look on their partner�s faces) during intercourse with the exception of the Doggie position. Others indicate that men are more aroused when the woman becomes more aggressive and takes control of the lovemaking. Aside from masturbation and blowjobs, here are some Kama Sutra positions that can leave a man hot and gasping for air:
1. The Face to Face � is a simple and intimate sex position but is not supposed to be undermined for its ability to produce male orgasms. The man faces the woman and penetrates from the front while lying down.
2. The Amazon � is the male twisted version of the �Deep One� where the woman is totally in charge of pleasing her man. The man lies on his back, his legs apart and raised. The woman squats and sits on the man�s buttocks holding the man�s legs by the ankles assuming a penetrating position.
3. The Hammock- The intensity of sexual intercourse is sometimes better with little space. In this position, the man sits with his knees bent and flexed in front of him and the woman assumes the small space between the man�s knees and chest. This position is good as well to maintain arousal during any phase of the orgasm because the man can bury his face on the woman�s chest.
4. The Mirror of Pleasing � Distance makes sex exciting. The woman lies down on her back with her legs raised straight up. The man has control over penetration and can explore and experiment with the woman�s legs. The most common is penetrating from the front with the man�s hips slightly tilted to the side or to an angle.


How to keep the flames ignited: Helpful Exercises to excite one�s sex life

Probably one of the most notorious stumbling blocks to a monogamous relationship is that the excitement of sex tends to degenerate with time. The first few times of lovemaking are usually sizzling with passion and rigor that couples can�t seem to take their hands off one another let alone their bodies apart. However, as time goes on, so does the �newness� of the sexual desire. There is hope for aging relationships. A good way to spice up your sexual relationship is through effective communication and by taking certain measures to rekindle and excite your sexual energies that would, in the long run, lead to a stronger and revitalized emotional relationship. Bland sex can often result from low sex drives. Low sex drives may be attributed to stress, obesity, bad health, and low self-esteem. To prevent and cure low sex drives, a healthy lifestyle consisting of a healthy diet and regular exercise is a must if you want to keep sex as pleasurable, probably even more, as it was the first time. A widely practiced exercise that is famous for its overall effect on sexual gratification is the Kegel. The Kegel (which got its name from its developer, Dr. Kegel) exercise focuses on manually-controlled contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. The exercise basically deals with bladder control and is actually very helpful when it comes to keeping an orgasm at its height thus, making sex more pleasurable. Kegel exercises are often linked to ancient Taoist practices of conserving the �qi� or the life force wherein both men and women are to keep ejaculation minimal. But recent practice of the Kegel is deemed to enhance erection as well as ejaculation during sex.
How to do Kegels:
Performing Kegels do not take much time although only by subscribing to doing them regularly would you be able to notice changes. You can do Kegel exercises alone or better yet, with your partner. Kegels can be done inconspicuously even in company meetings as long as you stay stationary. Kegel exercises require the isolation of the pelvic muscles and also concentration. Kegel can be done easily. Here are some tips that you can master:
1. Once you have isolated the pelvic muscle, focus on contracting it as if you were stopping a pee.
2. Hold it for 10 seconds to as long as you can. Pay attention to your breathing. Do not hold your breath because you might be contracting your diaphragm or stomach instead of the pelvic muscle.
3. Try doing these in sets. The more sets and repetitions, the better.
Benefits of Doing Kegels
Kegels can be done by both men and women. Aside from strengthening the pelvic muscles and improving bladder conditions, Kegel exercises are proven to have an advantage in sexual intercourse as well. Stronger pelvic muscles in both men and women are strongly correlated with longer and more intense orgasms. Women who have strong control over their pelvic muscles can actually give more pleasure to their partner as they can direct their muscles to tighten or loosen (Some men find more pleasure when their penises are being �squeezed�.). Both men and women can experience quicker or longer and more intense climaxes, more forceful erections and ejaculations (for men). Moreover, women can avoid the embarrassment of peeing during sex (especially experienced when the g-spot is highly stimulated). . Other things you might want to consider adding to your sexual menu are improvised sex positions you have never tried with your partner. Sex games like dare or strip poker may also help you get aroused. Or you could try to do your lovemaking in a different place. Have fun and experiment as if you have just sneaked out.